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happy birthday, chi.

here comes the birthday boy!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TACHI. wish u all the very best. may Jesus bless u all the time. :)

i just realize..

... that I love my university so much.
no matter how old, how ugly it looks, how trashy it might seen, I LOVE IT! just for your information, I'm enrolling in University of Padjadjaran, Jatinangor - Bandung. I don't know why but I just feel some pride lately. I never felt something like this before. Today, i also realize how lucky I am to be here right now. i walked around Unpad this morning, and all the scenery made me shivering...

well, just to let you guys know that I enjoy my life, my life as a college student. :)

song of the day:

bless you all, people. :)

bunga.. me.. BUNGA.. me... :)

yep. i just hanged out with my best friend, Bungaaaa.. we went back home last Friday from Jatinangor, and we met again yesterday. can u imagine how close we are? and i never get bored of that silly girl. she's fun. kinda naive. and the most important is.. she understands me well. :)

it's bunga.

@ bunga's house.
we really had fun!! and we should do it again next time. :) sarranghaeyo, bunga!! ♥ ♥

a bottle of NESTLE.

sitting on a chair with a laptop in front of me
enjoying the wind that blow my hair and face
watching all the people in this building
they're laughing, they're happy
enjoying their time with their beloved friend
me.. with no one
I'm just sitting here with a bottle of nestle
enjoying the loneliness and enjoying my own time


me and fellas. with the webcam thing.

it was taken by my lovely webcam, acer crystal eye webcam.. :)

going back to the reality.

i'm going to end all the happiness of holiday. i'm going back to Jatinangor, bandung..
gonna miss JAKARTA, THE FABULOUS CITY, so much!!! :'((

i'm gonna miss my friends.

gonna miss the mighty baby david

gonna miss my churchies..


see all soon.


i love taylor swift.

no. it's not because her incident with kanye west on MTV VMA'S on September 13th. no. i love her because of this...

...cute video. great voice. pretty face. cool music. PERFECT.

I also love this song.

this song tells me that "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale.." TRUEEEE...

LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!! *you know what? i almost write "tailor swift" LOL*


memble tapi kece SEASON 2.

i know that i never post the season one before, cause i don't have the pictures to share. it's all with my friend. so, i only can post the season 2.

okay, first of all it's not about movie or drama. it's about the time that me and my friends hang out yesterday..

with my super girls
a super deliciouso dinner yummeh.


chichit and I


I LOVE YOU ALL, TODDLERS!! *cause sometimes we do act like toddlers..*


smart brother.

i just remember what my brother said about his friends. and it's about his school band.

josh: abis sammy pulang, langsung lancar deh.
audrey: apa yang lancar?
josh: ya latihannya..
mama: kok bisa?
josh: abis dia mainnya gak bener..
audrey: emang dia main apa?
josh: dia main-main...


brother: when sammy went home already, everything went well..
me: what went well?
brother: the band practice.
my mom: how come?
brother: because sammy never plays good.
me: what does he play?
my brother: he plays around.


so that's just a silly chit-chat with my brother. his answer is like... mm.. unconnected. LOL.

OKAY.. music video of today post:


and polyvore of today post:

AMBERRR!!! by audreygabriella *busy busy* featuring Forever21

FRESH. by audreygabriella *busy busy* featuring Converse shoes

have good day everyone.. :)


call me childish..

i don't know why. but i love these stuffs..

ELMO... the cutest one.

MARIO BROS. miss my childhood.

CURIOUS GEORGE. the most lovable monkey ever.

and the las one...
the prettiest princess on earth, CINDERELLA. :)

yeah, call me childish i don't really care actually. I LOVE THEM!!

I'm a mosquito killer.

Heck yeahhhh.
there are lots of mosquitoes here. suck. and.......... HELOOOO READERS! I'm just back from my routines. college and stuffs. And I'm home now. I arrived yesterday and my parents picked me up at the bus terminal. what a long road to go. it took 3 hourssss.. LAME-O.
but now, I pretty satisfied. I'm home, free from college *well, not really actually. i got things to do.*, and I'm going to play all day in two weeks. so.. what should i tell you guys now? hmmm.. okay. my college life. don't be bored.

I passed my orientation day. It held in 5 days. The last 3 days was nice but also boring. but I made new friends there. :)
Just like another college in Indonesia, in the orientation day seniors made us to make weird stuffs like silly hat and a name tag with a book-shaped. and all of those stuffs must be IN BLUE. It's not just blue, but it has to be literature department's BLUE. whatever, i just did it then. we ALL looked silly and geeky that day. we co…

gotta be away for some times..


i'm sorry t say this. but, i'm going to be away for a little longer cause i'm going to be super busy with my new schedule in college. :)


gotta be back soon. cozi'm going INTO THE NEW WORLD..

♥ ♥,


i want these. but i can't afford it.

i really like all fashion stuff from yesstyle. especially because there are lots of SouthKorea brand. so i just visited this site, and i found cute things.. :)

super cute floral printed dress.

i like this dress. except the pink line on the bottom. from my opinion, it shouldn't be there. :)

a rattan bag with chopped teddy.

okay, maybe the title is a little bit creepy or what. but, its actually a really cute bag. the color and design mixed perfectly.. :)

super stylish flat white leather shoes.

i ADORE this shoes. the color, the design, the leather, all PERFECT. :)

you know, after all i can make a conclusion. i love all of this stuff, but... I CAN'T AFFORD IT!what a pity...



i think i'm not that strong.

i already knew that this is going to be happen
i already knew that I'm going to be like this
but i keep saying that "I'm OK"

I'm OK when you left me
I'm OK when you with her
I'm OK since she is my family

i thought I'm OK
i thought I'm OK

i knew i was wrong but i keep walking in the same path
keep running in the same track
keep saying " I moved on"

and i just realized tonight.
i haven't moved on, no i haven't.

damn, why you have to be so real?
why do i have to stuck on you?

i pretend to smile everytime you talk to me
but inside, i'm a broken hearted person.
so can you help me to be strong?
because i know now that...

i'm not strong enough.

just some random poet from me. yeah, maybe its because i'm still awake in the middle of early morning,, -.-

사랑 ,


near to you.

"he and I had something beautiful
but so dysfunctional, it couldn't last
I loved him so but I let him go
‘cause I knew he'd never love me back

such pain as this
shouldn't have to be experienced
I'm still reeling from the loss,
still a little bit delirious

near to you, I am healing
but it's taking so long
'cause though he's gone
and you are wonderful
it's hard to move on
yet, I'm better near to you.

you and I have something different
and I'm enjoying it cautiously
I'm battle scarred,
but I am working oh so hard
to get back to who I used to be

he's disappearing, fading steadily
well, I'm so close to being yours,
won’t you stay with me, please

near to you, I am healing
but it's taking so long
'cause though he's gone
and you are wonderful
it’s hard to move on
yet, I'm better near to you"


a super cool song by a super cool band. A FINE FRENZY. my cousin told me there is a great band. and i tried to listen to …

some simple updates.

so, actually i don't have any idea what to write about. well, i guess I'm going to write some little *and super random* updates from me.

1. weew, today is the first time i saw Girls Generation's latest MV "Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)" on TELEVISION. once more, on television. LOL. so late, but that's what they called CABLE TV. -.-

2. I'm just wondering "WHY DOES THE WEATHER BECOME SUPER HOT TODAY SINCE MORNING??" huh, I'm dehydration for sure. gosh. global warming ALERT!

3. haha, my lovely brother PAUL is going to find me a boyfriend. i don't know what the exact reason but it's kinda funny. he said, " i just want you to have a boyfriend, and i wanna see it." HAHAHA, what a kind of you. smooch smooch!!

4. i already pay the payment of the shared house in Bandung. hehe. DEAL!

5. i don't know why but i know that i'm capable to be a great mother someday. since i also have to take care my nephew, i become really optimistic. :) a…

i'm back.

HELLLOOOO!!after hibernated for a very long time, yes I'm back. ho ho. well, i don't have any specific reason for it. i just get bored with the writing things. but now, i miss it!! :)) and of course there are so many things to tell. so where should i begin?? 1. SCHOOL LIFE
yeah, i have a new story for my school life. finally, I'm going for college! yeah!!! how cool is that? SUPER COOOLL. and why i should be so greatly is because i 'm accepted in PUBLIC UNIVERSITY,, and it's the great one, Padjadjaran University. well, I'm very excited about this because I've been waiting for a loooong time for college. 2 years baby, 2 YEARSS. lol. well, because it's located outside my hometown (it's in Bandung),so i should stay in a shared house. well, for the first year maybe I'm not going to stay in great house, but a simple house with a pretty cheap price. but for the next year, I'm going to move!!! :D i can't wait any longer for it. the orientation, ne…

lovely 언니s

i love 소녀시대* !!!!!!
*so nyuh shi dae = girls generation*

they are just like simply amazing. they dance, they sing, they act, they do anything!! woow!! beautiful girl from South Korea. i know many people dislike them. because they made some scandal in the past. but COME ON... everybody makes mistake.. i just love the way they kidding around, the happiness that they spread to all of their fans. great job, unnis!!!

love 'em.. by audreygabriella *bday april 27th on

"hello, we are men!!" LOL

watch their other videos too, and you can find how fun they are. :))



hi everyone.
well,, today is a big day for me. emm.. okay, not that big actually. but this is the first time that i have to vote in my country. and yes, i already voted this morning!!! it's kinda confused me for a while. because we have to vote so many papers. the gave 4 SUPER BIG PAPERS, with a lot of names that actually i don't really know who the hell are they. so, i just pick randomly *with the super sensitive sense of a woman. LOL*. and done!!

me and my pinky finger

after that i had to soak small part of my pinky finger into the ink tube. and yey!! finished!!! well,, i don't know if my voice will take a big part in this election or not, but i really believe that every voice has a meaning for this country. for the better change i hope. :)

me and my dad, VOTED!! :)

and now, i would like to show you my beloved country's national anthem song, INDONESIA RAYA. no matter how bad other country sees us, i'm still proud to be an Indonesian. MAJUTERUS INDONESIA!!! :))

it san…

JASON, my inspiration.

in jason's car.

audrey : "you know what? i just know something that is really horrible.. "

jason : " what?"

audrey : " today i hung out with my best friend which is also HIS friend. and she told me something that really opened my eyes and mind"

jason : "really? what?"

audrey : "she told me that HE really used me to get closer with my cousin"

jason : " how did u now that?"

audrey : "well,, actually i saw his old facebook status that said something like this, 'is hurting someone else in order to get what he wants'."

jason : "huh? that message really has a meaning in it.."

audrey : "i know what he meant that time. but i just didn't realise what is the real meaning of that sentence"

jason : "what you mean?"

audrey : " i thought he broke up with me to be together with my cousin. but actually HE WAS WITH ME TO MAKE HE CLOSER TO MY COUSIN. oh! how come i didn't get…

fashionable man.


good afternoon everyone. well, today is sooo bright! that gives me a sweet inspiration to write. :) well, i think i'm going to write about fashionable boy. i don't know why fashionable guy always being related to gay. many of my friends said so. but it's different for me. I REALLY LOVE FASHIONABLE GUY. i don't know, for me its one of regular standard for a guy. :) and i really love this quotes:
"straight men should dress better"- ericdaman, stylist of Gossip Girl.
and i definitely agree with him. it's kinda boring if a boy only wear tshirt and jeans and sneakers. come on, guys! u can do so much better than that. LOL. what i mean is, put some accessories, fancy shoes, anything.. a simple sweater could change your appearance!

for example.

by styelengin

by hwangkum style

by arasi

SEE??? it really makes me happy when i saw these guys in those clothes. :)
well, that's all i want to share. and the song of the day is INSOMNIA by wheesung. its a really great so…

happy happy sunday morning.

happy NEW monday, fellas. well, new week huh? well, actually my monday morning didn't work well because the first time i open my facebook, i saw something that really hurt me. yeah, heartbreaking things. :( but whatever, i won't let it ruin my whole day *but it really contaminated my feeling. LOL*

hhm.. i just wondering what will i tell u today? ah! what about my FABULOUS sunday. well, actually there is nothing special yesterday but i just want to share how happy it is, when u had a great time with your bestfriends. so should we start now?

we went to church in the morning because its oour schedule to sing. after the sunday morning service, we have some chit-chat with our younger friends. oh, i miss them so much!!! :) and finally the most important time came! BREAKFAST TOGETHER. yey. so we stopped by the restaurant near our church *if u could say its a restaurant. XD*. we spent the morning with chit-chat, eating, laughing and of course.... TAKING A LOT OF PICTURES!!! :))

okay. th…

Jan Di

i won again. and this is the set.

jan di. - by audreygabriella *taking request* on

the model is Koo Hye Sun. she's the main cast of a korean drama "BOYS OVER FLOWERS". she plays as Geum Jan Di which is a strong and cheerful girl. watch it guys.. it's really worth to watch!! :) *i love korea so much*

random post. i just uploaded some new pictures. its when me and my best girlfriend went to movie last week. its kinda exhausted because we just watched 2 movie in a day. dang. but its kinda fun! REALLY REFRESHING!!we watched CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC and MARLEY & ME. i cried a lot. (T.T)

@ toilet XXI

@ food court


cheers everyone..


p.s. i really love my bow headband, :P