random things about me

1. i love pink. since i was a child, pink always become my favourite colour.. it's girly yet sexy.

2. i love horror comics. yes, just for your information i have more than 100 comic books of horror in my bookshelf. I've been collecting it since i was in the elementary. it's fun to read it when I'm going to bed, or even in the bathroom. :D

3. I'm kinda a spoiled girl. but still in a tolerance way. and I become more spoiled if I'm outside the house (between my friends).

4. i love English. that's why I'm taking the English literature and i hope someday i could be a great writer like Edgar Allen Poe. uyeaaahh!

5. i prefer to be starving than to be sleepy. simple, because my attitude is better if I'm in the starving condition. he. oh, and i become more rebel and annoying if I'm in sleepy condition.

6. I'm a delay person. hahah, why? because i like to delay everything. i like to delay to do my homework. i like to delay to go to bath. i like to delay to eat. but i never delay to sleep and snacking.. :)

7. i can be sleepy even i already sleep for 7 hours and take a nap for 5 hours. :)

8. i prefer dark chocolate than milk and white chocolate.

9. i LOVE my mother's homemade chocolate cake. :9

10. i prefer to wear tank top and boxer/shorts than pajamas.

11. i passed my free-classes day by watching Korean and Japanese drama. and i watch it with my dorm room too.

12. i love number 2. i don't know why but i think number two is so feminine.

13. thirteen is not an unlucky number for me. i never believe in such superstition.

14. i love doing art. dancing, singing, acting, ANYTHING! but painting... ~__~

15. i only have 2 kinds of taste. delicious and very delicious. so if i say the food is not delicious, it means it isn't able to be eaten.. LOL

16. i collect unique pen. you know, the kind of pen that has fur on it, or has a light..

17. i love chocolate. hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate milk, chocolate bread. CHOCOLATE!

18. I'm easy to be pleased. give me a balloon and I'll stop crying.

19. i prefer to be given a balloon or show me a fireworks than to be given a bouquet of flower.

20. I'm a childish young-adult. so what? I'm still keeping my barbie dolls..


these are my girl friends in bandung. they made this video in 2009 if i'm not mistaken. i'm so PROUD of them! LOL..