going back to the reality.

i'm going to end all the happiness of holiday. i'm going back to Jatinangor, bandung..
gonna miss JAKARTA, THE FABULOUS CITY, so much!!! :'((

i'm gonna miss my friends.

gonna miss the mighty baby david

gonna miss my churchies..


see all soon.



i love taylor swift.

no. it's not because her incident with kanye west on MTV VMA'S on September 13th. no. i love her because of this...

...cute video. great voice. pretty face. cool music. PERFECT.

I also love this song.

this song tells me that "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale.." TRUEEEE...

LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!! *you know what? i almost write "tailor swift" LOL*



memble tapi kece SEASON 2.

i know that i never post the season one before, cause i don't have the pictures to share. it's all with my friend. so, i only can post the season 2.

okay, first of all it's not about movie or drama. it's about the time that me and my friends hang out yesterday..

with my super girls

a super deliciouso dinner yummeh.


chichit and I


I LOVE YOU ALL, TODDLERS!! *cause sometimes we do act like toddlers..*



smart brother.

i just remember what my brother said about his friends. and it's about his school band.

josh: abis sammy pulang, langsung lancar deh.
audrey: apa yang lancar?
josh: ya latihannya..
mama: kok bisa?
josh: abis dia mainnya gak bener..
audrey: emang dia main apa?
josh: dia main-main...


brother: when sammy went home already, everything went well..
me: what went well?
brother: the band practice.
my mom: how come?
brother: because sammy never plays good.
me: what does he play?
my brother: he plays around.


so that's just a silly chit-chat with my brother. his answer is like... mm.. unconnected. LOL.

OKAY.. music video of today post:


and polyvore of today post:

have good day everyone.. :)



music updates.

just wanna update some music video.





love them all. ENJOY!!



call me childish..

i don't know why. but i love these stuffs..

ELMO... the cutest one.

MARIO BROS. miss my childhood.

CURIOUS GEORGE. the most lovable monkey ever.

and the las one...
the prettiest princess on earth, CINDERELLA. :)

yeah, call me childish i don't really care actually. I LOVE THEM!!


I'm a mosquito killer.

Heck yeahhhh.
there are lots of mosquitoes here. suck. and.......... HELOOOO READERS! I'm just back from my routines. college and stuffs. And I'm home now. I arrived yesterday and my parents picked me up at the bus terminal. what a long road to go. it took 3 hourssss.. LAME-O.
but now, I pretty satisfied. I'm home, free from college *well, not really actually. i got things to do.*, and I'm going to play all day in two weeks. so.. what should i tell you guys now? hmmm.. okay. my college life. don't be bored.

I passed my orientation day. It held in 5 days. The last 3 days was nice but also boring. but I made new friends there. :)
Just like another college in Indonesia, in the orientation day seniors made us to make weird stuffs like silly hat and a name tag with a book-shaped. and all of those stuffs must be IN BLUE. It's not just blue, but it has to be literature department's BLUE. whatever, i just did it then. we ALL looked silly and geeky that day. we complained, but also had fun together. we found so many high-quality male seniors. yeppp. And i found one for me. LOL. No... I won't put his picture in here. he's private for me. huhu.
what else? mmm... oh, in the last day, we had to make a love letter and hater letter for our senior. So, yeah... I didn't make it seriously, just for fun. I made it with my house mate, bunga. We laughed like in heaven till cried. We laughed because we imagined how funny their *our beloved seniors* faces when they read our letter. LOL. All the words we used are creepy and freak. I thought my letter is freak enough, but I'm wrong. In the last day, the freakiest letter read in front of everyone. I worried to death just in case my letter will be one of them. BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.... :))
okay, the one who really unlucky had to read in front of all the freshman. It's funny but quite embarrassing. Poor her and him..
And the orientation done with a great ending. It's memorable and I *ehmmm..* miss it, to be honest.


My class. It's a fun class. I made friends here, they all accepted me, and gave me a nickname "Bu Dosen". It means "Ms. Lecture". I don't know why, maybe because I'm just as smart as a lecture? LOL. kidding.
But I still wanna find the "match" one, that really going to be my best friend.. It's kinda hard, though.. well, but for the first semester I think I'm gonna enjoy it. :)

My house. Just call it my house. So far so good. Everyone already know each other now and we like to gathering in the living room. gossiping and watching tv. well, not bad at all. I enjoy to live by myself but whatever.. face it, I'm a homesick-type girl. ;P

That's all I can tell you. And song for today post is...

I Hope - FT Island...

I really love those cute young boys *which makes me feel so much older. duh..*. THEY ALL PRETTY!!! :))

enjoy everyone.

love love,