some updates. ♥

okay, so here we go. here are some updates from me..

1. I'm going to move out from my current shared-house. it's simply because I'm not feeling comfortable anymore. it's not because the people (my friends as i can say), but because the facilities and especially THE OWNER. :(( so I'm going to move to the different area named Sayang and i found a lovely place "Puri Paramitha". The room rate is much higher than before. It costs 7 million per year, but it's worth it. I get a WI-FI connection and water heater. nice, huh? I'll move in the middle of July. hope this will bring me another happiness. The sad thing is I have to separated from my other friends. They move too but to the other shared-house. But we can still meet each other at campus or we could just visiting each other. :))

left to right. desi, ka bella, aya, bunga, me, naila, puti, garma, a friend of garma :D.

2. I'm done with my final exam in this second semester. YEAAAAAHH!!! well, I'm not sure about the whole score, but I already got one "A" in laboratory work. All I can say is THANK YOU, MISS SALLY ANDIKA PUTRI for all your kindness. :) I LOVE YOU!! so I need to expect more for the other subject. maybe straight A? hahahahaa. but who knows? Cause I really need those "A"s to make my GPA stable or ever better. please, oh my lecturers, be nice to me. :)

miss Sally Andika Putri

3. so, i gotta crush with this boy. he's not handsome or cute or athletic. He's just adorable and such a gentleman. but I'm not sure about our future. maybe just another lovely friendship. dammit. :((

4. I wanna admit that I'm kinda a fashionista nowadays. I have to be well-dressed when I go to campus or anywhere. sometimes it annoyed me but I feel satisfied when people say that I'm pretty or something like that. I know I'm such a brat. =__="

at campus, after my birthday. :)

aaaannd.. as usually, I'll put my favourite music video. It's BONAMANA by SUPER JUNIOR. :))

have a blasting day, everyone!