lovely 언니s

i love 소녀시대* !!!!!!
*so nyuh shi dae = girls generation*

they are just like simply amazing. they dance, they sing, they act, they do anything!! woow!! beautiful girl from South Korea. i know many people dislike them. because they made some scandal in the past. but COME ON... everybody makes mistake.. i just love the way they kidding around, the happiness that they spread to all of their fans. great job, unnis!!!

"hello, we are men!!" LOL

watch their other videos too, and you can find how fun they are. :))




hi everyone.
well,, today is a big day for me. emm.. okay, not that big actually. but this is the first time that i have to vote in my country. and yes, i already voted this morning!!! it's kinda confused me for a while. because we have to vote so many papers. the gave 4 SUPER BIG PAPERS, with a lot of names that actually i don't really know who the hell are they. so, i just pick randomly *with the super sensitive sense of a woman. LOL*. and done!!

after that i had to soak small part of my pinky finger into the ink tube. and yey!! finished!!! well,, i don't know if my voice will take a big part in this election or not, but i really believe that every voice has a meaning for this country. for the better change i hope. :)

me and my dad, VOTED!! :)

and now, i would like to show you my beloved country's national anthem song, INDONESIA RAYA. no matter how bad other country sees us, i'm still proud to be an Indonesian. MAJUTERUS INDONESIA!!! :))

it sang by a choir named Unai Chorale, when they had a performance in Huisterheide, Vredeenoord. enjoy everyone!

and.. let us sing along with me.



JASON, my inspiration.

in jason's car.

audrey : "you know what? i just know something that is really horrible.. "

jason : " what?"

audrey : " today i hung out with my best friend which is also HIS friend. and she told me something that really opened my eyes and mind"

jason : "really? what?"

audrey : "she told me that HE really used me to get closer with my cousin"

jason : " how did u now that?"

audrey : "well,, actually i saw his old facebook status that said something like this, 'is hurting someone else in order to get what he wants'."

jason : "huh? that message really has a meaning in it.."

audrey : "i know what he meant that time. but i just didn't realise what is the real meaning of that sentence"

jason : "what you mean?"

audrey : " i thought he broke up with me to be together with my cousin. but actually HE WAS WITH ME TO MAKE HE CLOSER TO MY COUSIN. oh! how come i didn't get it???"

jason : "he truly a jerk..."

audrey : "i know, right? but in this case i'm not mad at him because he dumped me and be my cousin's boyfriend. no, it's not that. i'm mad at him only because he act like he never know me before. like i AM really nothing for him. GOSH!!!"

jason : "well, dear.. you really don't have to think about him anymore.."

audrey : "i can't.."

jason : "you know that he lied to you, he used you, and i think it's your time to use some technique not your feelings."

audrey : "what is that mean..?"

jason : "i'm having the same problem with u, have to choose which way i'm going to take. the technics or feelings. and in this case i decided to use the techniques."

audrey : "but..."

jason : "if you choose your feelings now, than it means you don't love yourself. end of story."

audrey : "wow. fabulous."


song of the day..