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fashionable man.


good afternoon everyone. well, today is sooo bright! that gives me a sweet inspiration to write. :) well, i think i'm going to write about fashionable boy. i don't know why fashionable guy always being related to gay. many of my friends said so. but it's different for me. I REALLY LOVE FASHIONABLE GUY. i don't know, for me its one of regular standard for a guy. :) and i really love this quotes:
"straight men should dress better"- ericdaman, stylist of Gossip Girl.
and i definitely agree with him. it's kinda boring if a boy only wear tshirt and jeans and sneakers. come on, guys! u can do so much better than that. LOL. what i mean is, put some accessories, fancy shoes, anything.. a simple sweater could change your appearance!

for example.

by styelengin

by hwangkum style

by arasi

SEE??? it really makes me happy when i saw these guys in those clothes. :)
well, that's all i want to share. and the song of the day is INSOMNIA by wheesung. its a really great so…

happy happy sunday morning.

happy NEW monday, fellas. well, new week huh? well, actually my monday morning didn't work well because the first time i open my facebook, i saw something that really hurt me. yeah, heartbreaking things. :( but whatever, i won't let it ruin my whole day *but it really contaminated my feeling. LOL*

hhm.. i just wondering what will i tell u today? ah! what about my FABULOUS sunday. well, actually there is nothing special yesterday but i just want to share how happy it is, when u had a great time with your bestfriends. so should we start now?

we went to church in the morning because its oour schedule to sing. after the sunday morning service, we have some chit-chat with our younger friends. oh, i miss them so much!!! :) and finally the most important time came! BREAKFAST TOGETHER. yey. so we stopped by the restaurant near our church *if u could say its a restaurant. XD*. we spent the morning with chit-chat, eating, laughing and of course.... TAKING A LOT OF PICTURES!!! :))

okay. th…

Jan Di

i won again. and this is the set.

jan di. - by audreygabriella *taking request* on

the model is Koo Hye Sun. she's the main cast of a korean drama "BOYS OVER FLOWERS". she plays as Geum Jan Di which is a strong and cheerful girl. watch it guys.. it's really worth to watch!! :) *i love korea so much*

random post. i just uploaded some new pictures. its when me and my best girlfriend went to movie last week. its kinda exhausted because we just watched 2 movie in a day. dang. but its kinda fun! REALLY REFRESHING!!we watched CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC and MARLEY & ME. i cried a lot. (T.T)

@ toilet XXI

@ food court


cheers everyone..


p.s. i really love my bow headband, :P


i don't know why.. i became extra narciss lately. love to take a picture of my self. especially when i dress well. :)
here is the picts.

me, in my room, with my favorite dress.

haha, no comment.


that's all. :) LOL


i miss my high school fellas.

hum. hum. hum.
i don't know why, but.. now i really miss all my high school friends. the more i keep in touch with them in msn or facebook, the more i wanna see them for real. huks.

grade 12th, science class of 2007

the girls. miss them all.

it's not my class, but still miss them all!

hmmm.. just wondering when will the reunion be held.. :)

miss u guys.


super junior is back

O MO NA!!!
super junior is back everyone, they are back. THEY ARE BAAACKKK!!!
hhoho. i'm just over exited. sorry. sorry. and yes, they bring new style and their new song is just fabulous!
they back with their third album "SORRY SORRY". they present two new single " " and "SORRY SORRY" and "WHY I LIKE YOU". anyway, i have no word to express how happy i am. :) so just gonna show u their latest music video "sorry sorry" and the other single "why i like you".

they are extremly HOT!!!!
esp. my gorgeous KIM HEECHUL. *on "sorry sorry" video, in 3:18*

enjoy everyone.


i just learnt somethin.

do you know how it it feel to be betrayed?

it sucks. sorry for my harsh word, but true. so i have this boy, my first boyfriend in life. we have this long distance relationship. and he is 3 years old younger than me. i really don't mind about all the distance thing. so did he *because he said so*. our relationship went well for almost 2 weeks. we shared our dreams and have all the chat like crazy. we even crossed our sleep time for chat. we gave special nickname for each other and other sweet things. even i, really close with his family there. sometimes i chat with his father and his little sister. for your information, he's a best friend of my cousin, so yeah.. i also shared our love story with my *female* cousin. everything went well until...

... he told me that he fell in love with my *female* cousin AGAIN which means he had been fall in love before. SHOCK!!!! that was the first thing i feel. i cried that time, i felt betrayed. HOW HE COULD DO THIS TO ME? DID I DO SOMETHING WR…